Saturday, September 24, 2011



POWER DRIVE A! is a a comics anthology of shonen and seinen-inspired work that I (Audrey Morris) will be compiling, printing and distributing both at cons and online. It is open to any and all creators who are interested in contributing a story. I’ve made several zines in the past but this one is going to have a color cover (by me), and will be 8x11, and with the help of impassioned contributors, will be totally balls awesome.

Here are a few details:

  • ANY KIND OF STORY WITH ANY KIND OF CHARACTERS IS ALLOWED. And obviously it does not have to be in a manga style if that is not the style you draw in. It can be ANYTHING, as long as you incorporate hot-blooded awesomeness. Wanna do a robot story? Go for it! Wanna do a yankii thing? Go for it. Wanna do something completely different? Go for it, I am open to anything.

  • Submissions may be between 2 and 10 pages long. If you want more pages, let me know, I will probably let you do that. There is nothing wrong with a nice beefy zine.

  • Submissions must be 600dpi files, 8x11. Submissions must be black and white, with gray tones if you find it necessary to use them. Despite the color cover and color interior art (more on that in a moment), the actual interior work will be printed on a b&w printer. Cuz I get free b&w printing baby.

  • The due date is MARCH 25TH, 2012. That’s right, you have several months to get something together. Awesome, right? Yes! But don’t let the long due date fool you, the sooner your contribution is done the sooner I can run test copies to make sure everything reduces / formats all nice. Also you don’t have to worry about it the sooner it is done!

  • All contributors will receive portions of POWER DRIVE A’s profits. The amount I intend to give myself is small and only really covers the cost of printing (which is barely anything). I have plenty of people who can confirm that I don’t bullshit about this stuff. As for the cost of the zine itself I’m going to have to see how many stories end up in it before determining that.

Want to contribute? Awesome! Send me info and stuff at okayaudrey at gmail dot com! Ask questions! Talk to me about the story you want to do! Show me your art! Let me know you.

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