Thursday, July 14, 2011

Genre re-design challenge 1: Star Fox

I've been hard at work finishing up more minicomics in time for SPX, but to unwind from that I've decided to start giving myself these monthly challenges where I take an existing franchise and depict it in a different (though strangely appropriate) style, re-designing the characters and what-not. A lot of artists I follow occasionally do this and it seemed like a lot of fun so I gave it a shot! Just to see how many drawings I could noodle out over the course of a couple of days

Anyway! This month's re-design is Star Fox in the style of 70's-80's space opera anime. Think Leiji Matsumoto, MSG, all that good stuff. Here's what I came up with. Originally planned on doing the characters as humans but that would really clash with the iconicness I think.

Made some scrappy fake pages to go along with the theme, too! These scenes will probably be familiar to anyone who played SF64

Any suggestions for next month's challenge would be awesome! Until then, I'll hopefully be posting some pages from the circus mini pretty soon

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