Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey there kids! Here's a little hobby drawing of Mikael from the still kind of unnamed hippie story that ended up kind of... getting out of hand. The orthagonals are pretty flubbed and the composition is pretty disorganized but I'm not beating myself up, it was a drawing for funsies. I still might sell prints of it at FLUKE, tho.

Made the colors all washed out and 60s/70s-looking! Yes, that is a poster of Allen Ginsberg and his boyfriend in the background. Unfortunately I couldn't find a date for when that photo was taken, so for all I know it could be way after the time period this picture is supposed to be in. Just pretend it's a time paradox.

And here's a detail.

Here are a handful more assorted doodles from the past few weeks just to prove I didn't break my hands in a tragic hand accident between last post and now.

Stay cute, cuties!

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